What Is The Prophecy Six Series?

Prophecy Six Series is a young adult fantasy series based in the World of Gaitan. The series follows of group of six children chosen by the Gods who are destined to change the world for better or for worst. The problem? They have no idea which one. Relying on a 200-year-old prophecy written by a senile old man that had a knack for using flowery language and metaphors has left much of the prophecy up for interpretation. So, it is up to the first of the Six – Liora – to find the answers and to find the others of her group. 

It is through Liora’s point of view that reader experience the series. With Liora, the reader learns the purpose of those within the Six, discovers the other children in the group, and in the end finds the answers they are looking for. Through the help and support of her friends Liora and the other Six are destined to do great things. The question that still remains is, what great things are they destined to do?

Here is what some people think of Prophecy Six:

“Falling squarely into the fantasy genre, Child of the Light is set in a well-realized world.”

Marian L. Thorpe 

“I loved every sentence and every character; and every word had me drawn to this new world!”


“D.M. Wiltshire creates a really vivid world, and some fantastic characters.”

Marcus Dodd

“With her rich storytelling style and a talent for painting a vivid picture of the scenarios, it is hard to ever put down a book by D.M. Wiltshire.”

Serious Reading

“A short, and fun fantasy novel if you’re looking for a fleshed out but easy to understand world, and quirky characters.”

Bookish Things And Tea

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