Southern Territories: Sydrin & La’reen

The South is divided into two territories. Sydrin is the largest of all nations within Gaitan but most of their territory is uninhabitable due to it being part of the Fire Lands. Those that are inhabitable consist of Sydrin and La’reen. Sydrin is ruled by the King and Priests of the Temple of Kidoss, while La’reen is controlled by the Empress. La’reen is also one of the only neutral nations next to Easterly, but favors the South due to their shared borders and history.  Sydrin is mostly desert, known for its blistering heat, and sandstorms. La’reen is known as the Southern Oasis being fed by the largest river in Gaitan, which allows them to produce lush greenery and have rain forests that meld into the Western Valley. Both territories do not receive snow, although La’reen is known for their torrential downpours during the early spring.



Lake Lo’een      Syder      Megorin

Oasis of the South:

La’reen      Da’kath      Ora’kar      Fi’talin      Ro’talin


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