No Man’s Land & Isles

As much as there are claimed land within Gaitan there is also land that goes unclaimed. No Man’s Land – a stretch of land between the North, East, South, and Western parts of Gaitan have never been claimed. This could be due to the fact that no one wishes to take control of the land that has made for a nice buffer between the warring nations, or that most of the land in the No Man’s Territory is either unlivable, or too dangerous to claim due to the centuries of conflicts waged throughout this area between the North and South.

The Isles though are not the same as the unclaimed land.

These isles are filled with history and rare species that are not found elsewhere on the main lands. Let it be the Isle of Steel where the famous Demori Steel was found among the tombs of ancient Dermite Kings, or the Flute Trees that claim the Isle of Koft to be their home – there are people that strive to protect these isles just as much as there are those who wish to reap their benefits.


No Man’s Land:

Hathos      Briston      Kadmir      Barbeck


Isle of Steel      Isle of Kings      Isles of Easterly      Isle of Koft


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