The Gods

KIDOSS – God of Fire and Chaos

Kidoss was the first of the three gods to be born. He controls fire and brings death to those he touches. Depending on who you speak to (Brotherhood of Shadows or Trinity Believers) there are different thoughts of what the God is like. Those following the Brotherhood of Shadows – the main religion of the South – believe that Kidoss has no mercy. They believe that only blood can keep him at bay and each morning they sacrifice a lamb to the flames of the Temple of Syder. Those of the Trinity belief looks to Kidoss like a wise father, as he grants them fire to stay warm and grants them with peaceful passing into the Eternal to see their loved one’s again.

Most fear the God for his destructive powers. It is believed that he spends his time mostly on Gaitan hidden away in the Fire Fields farther south of any Southern settlement.

The royal line that rules of Sydrin is said to have been blessed by Kidoss by giving them eyes of fire. Only those with the eyes have the right to rule over the Southern lands or Kidoss will ensure the peoples’ destruction.

Within the context of the Prophecy Six, Kidoss has chosen two holders to bare the burden of his powers (fire & death). The question is; who are these two and what will they do with such dangerous abilities?


SIRPHAN – Goddess of Life and Water

Sirphan is the only sister of the three gods and considered the mother of all people. It was through her powers that the fires were tamed and life was able to survive. She created the creatures of the ground and sea. Her first children were the Chijin who she praised for their curiosity and desire to create. She spent most of her time among her children or visiting her younger brother who settled in the Northern Mountains. She is the only God of the three that is praised by all people, as without her no one would exist.

She spends her time now tending to the gardens of the Eternal – found on the Moon. She loves greeting her children when they join their ancestors and takes pride in knowing that they are safe within the world of the Gods.

Sirphan has been known to meddle in human affairs, sending messages through the veil to speak to her favourite creations. Rumours say that her favourites are the ones that believe in the Prophecy Six and were chosen to change the world into the form Sirphan wills it to be.

Within the context of the Prophecy Six, Sirphan has chosen two holders to bare the burden of her powers (light/life & water). We have already discovered one of her holders – a young Morzi child orphaned due to war with the South. The other is unknown to us at the moment but once she is discovered this log will be updated.


DARKEL – God of Wind and Earth

Darkel is the youngest of the Gods and is considered the father of the North. As those of the North were made in his image they are also similar in his personality. They love the plants and respect the trees their God created. They tame and honour the Gryphon the God gifted them. Any creature with feathers and wings were born from Darkel – except the dragons. Darkel spends his time between Gaitan and the Moon. It is believed that if you hear thunder or the ground shakes that means Darkel is mining the mountains.

Those of the Sisterhood & Brotherhood of Mercy follow the teachings said to have been created by Darkel before he traveled back to the moon for the first time. They teach of justice, honour, and loyalty in verses similar to prayers. You can hear the Sisterhood sing them in the temples honouring their God usually made out of stone and ancient oak from the Western Valley.

Within the context of the Prophecy Six, Darkel has chosen two holders to bare the burden of his powers (wind & earth). We have yet to discover who these two are but continue to keep our eyes open for anything strange that could pertain to those abilities.


Master Healer Caldor Lefwid, Scholar of the Prophecy Six 


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