Kanrow’s Prophecy

200 years before the present era there lived a man by the name of Kanrow Farbic.

From childhood, Kanrow was bound for greatness. He didn’t have the mind for working in the farm fields with his other siblings and spent most of his time reading books or exploring the ruins outside his home village of Arrowhilm. At the age of ten Kanrow travelled farther east to the city of Calin to attend school in hopes of being accepted into the prestigious university.

Finding a place as an apprentice under the late Harwo Kinyak (best known for Harwo’s History of Gaitan & Theory of the Isle of Koft), Kanrow soon proved himself to be top of his class and one of the favourites among those faculty of the University. By the age of twenty he had become the head of his class at the University of Calin, gaining master status in geography, ecology, and archaeology by the age of thirty. He assisted Harwo in discovering the Isle of Koft, bringing to the mainland creatures and plants never yet seen, such as the Flute Trees, firant, and coca crows.

It was upon his successes with assisting his mentor that he was promoted to lead the excavations of the Isle of Kings off the coast of Derm to the north. Excited and honoured by the chance to see the ancient tombs of the lost kings of old, Kanrow and a small team of Chijin archaeologist made their way to the island where they found lost texts pertaining to the history of the Dermite, traditions long forgotten by the mainlanders, and most importantly to those of the North – Demori Steel – which became one of their main resources in building their blades.

Due to these discoveries Kanrow became famous for sharing his knowledge of the Isles with his students across Gaitan. He held a position as a lecturer in the Glass Tower of La’reen and spent his time writing about his adventures and discoveries so the world would not forget what he had done.

At the age of fifty, Kanrow’s life change drastically.

It is said that upon his return from visiting family in the East, the old sage locked himself away in his room. His apprentices said that he would only leave his room for food, hiding away to write – what he believed would be his greatest work.

He spoke to no one about his new project and the anticipation grew until on his sixty-third birthday he emerged. He gathered together his colleagues, apprentices, and students in the largest lecture hall in the Glass Tower to share with them his work. To many’s surprise it wasn’t in regards to his research regarding the isles, or his studies regarding the creatures brought back to the mainland.

The old sage spoke of a Prophecy.

He told the people that the three Gods came to him in a dream on the night of the 200 Year Moon. They told him of the coming of a new era, one of peace and prosperity where war would cease to exist. The land of Gaitan would be united as one people and this was only possible if the Six succeeded in their mission.

Kanrow explained that the Gods would choose six people to hold their gifts. These six would have the power and influence to change the world to how they wished it to be shaped. When each Six emerged there would be a sign and the signs would be immense in size so the people would know the chosen had arrived.

The first would be the Child of the Light, who would be born from chaos.

The second would be the Child of the Water, who would be born from fear.

The third would be the Child of the Fire, who would be born from greed.

The fourth would be the Child of the Dark, who would be born from pain.

The fifth would be the Child of the Wind, who would be born from confusion.

The sixth would be the Child of the Earth, who would be born from desertion.

Each would be born from the horrors of the world and granted the power to replace them with the goodness of the Gods. Only united under one goal would the Six succeed and the world would be at peace.

This was the Prophecy Six – Kanrow’s Prophecy – which became his greatest downfall.

While some believed in the man’s preachings about the Era of Peace, others did not. The University of Calin revoked his place on the council, claiming him of ill mind. The Glass Tower forced his resignation as a lecturer in fear of tainting the minds of the students who respected his work.

Years of hard work was quickly replaced by his final failing.

Kanrow died at the age of seventy in the small village of Fi’Li just west of La’reen surrounded by his followers who gathered behind him to preach his prophecy to the world. His followers became known as Chaos Singers, as they denounced all belongings to stand in the middle of the streets to sing the poetic verses written in the prophecy. The red material text with the gold Gods Mark soon became a common sight among those travelling across Gaitan. There wasn’t a city that didn’t have the Singers calling out to the people to listen for the signs.

Although he was thought of by many as a mad man, Kanrow was changed into an icon.



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