Fellowship of Flesh

The Fellowship of Flesh is a group commonly known as specializing in medical advancement found in the University of La’reen. There of course are two secs, one of which gets little attention in
fear of what the public would say. This second unknown group is the Brotherhood of Flesh in the Temple of Chaos found in the Southern Capital of Syder. Both groups originated in the Temple of Chaos about 2000 years before the present day. Their focus was the create preventative medicines due to overpopulation and long-term exposure to the battlefront. It was about 1260 years before the present day that the Fellowship split in two – one moving to La’reen (Fellowship of Flesh) and one staying hidden within the Temple (Brotherhood of Flesh). With La’reen’s drive for peace and dedication for the betterment of Gaitan they continued to focus on ways to improve the lives of those around them. They permitted those desiring to specialize in medicine to come to the city no matter their background – Dermite, Chijin, Mix Breed, or what have you. This was the birth of a new University in the South allowing for a united education system, which was the first of it’s kind.

sigil-of-the-fellowshipThe Fellowship in La’reen hid the devastating research going on in the Temple by the Brotherhood, and so those in the Brotherhood were rarely forced to share their discoveries with those outside their boarders.  

While those of the Brotherhood continued discovering ways to weaponize diseases and chemicals the Fellowship were making discoveries of their own pertaining to battle shock and curing cholera, which plagued a large majority of the population throughout Gaitan at the time. La’reen also gained attention for having the highest survival rate in regards to patient care and had proven that fresh air along with empathy helped their patients thrive. The Fellowship was always run by a individual who specialized in a variety of medical practices. The first was Brother Io Pelhosser who originated from Calin and studied in the Temple of Chaos focusing mostly on necrotic diseases, respiratory sicknesses, and the circulatory system. At the age of 49 he decided to move closer to his family in La’reen and with him brought 26 other Brothers from the Fellowship to start the new section in La’reen. Over the 1260 years the Fellowship of La’reen has have over 350 leaders all diverse in their specialties and forming the Fellowship in their own way. One memorable Keeper of the Flesh was Sister Tola Kadimar of Megorin. She was not only the first woman to be the Keeper of Flesh but also the only one who had no medical specialties. The reason she had gotten the position as Keeper was for her political knowledge and her work in humanitarian aid. It was under her care that those of the Fellowship began taking their skills to the battlefronts and using the skills they learned in the University outside the safety of the University.

In present time the Fellowship is run by Father Rikin Oldswick of Lake Lo’een who trained in Syder for twenty years under those considered Masters of the Flesh. He was given the position of Keeper of Flesh in La’reen at the age of fifty-eight and has only improved the efficiency of the institute. In his fourteen years as Keeper he continued his predecessor’s – Mother Elia Nas of La’reen’s – goal of making the Fellowship a prestigious, competitive program. With only ten people accepted into the Fellowship each year there is plenty of competition for those wishing to be part of the program.

Some famous Fellows you may have heard of include:

  • Caldor Lefwid – Master Healer of Fish Bank best known for his care regarding the Northern Prince’s mysterious sickness.
  • Sia Melbercol – High Councillor of Arrowhilm best known for her discovery of Flute Tree sap having anti-fungal properties.
  • Father Rikin Oldswick – the current Keeper of Flesh in La’reen best known for discovering the necrotic disease named ‘The Touched’ and his mastery in keeping the Fellowship a prestigious institution of medicine.
  • Brother Al’kamer Asbin – Part of the subset of the Fellowship focused on chemical weapons discovered how to weaponize mustard seeds and whipper tail venom.

As much as the Fellowship is prestigious in medical advancement some in La’reen worry about their Brothers in Syder’s practices that usually go unchecked. The chemical weapons created in the South have been restricted in many treaties over the years as they are considered ‘inhuman, dangerous, and unpredictable’.

An example of one chemical weapon that is on the restricted like would be Yellow Fire or its most common name Mustard Gas. It was after Yellow Fire was used during the Battle of Hathos that those of the South quickly realized that some chemical weapons were too dangerous to use.  In the Battle of Hathos King Ago’Kath set loose the newly discovered gas onto the field without knowing the harm it would cause. With a change in the wind his men were not only blinded by the gas but suffered lung damage, burns, and death.

“The air is fire,” quoted by one of the soldiers that escaped the field before succumbing to his injuries. This quote is believed to be part of the reason those of the Brotherhood later named the gas Yellow Fire, as it caused similar affects as those suffering from heat burns. King Ago’Kath wrote in one of his decrees that, ‘There are powers of our God that man should never control – this poison is one. It is rumored that under the Temple of Chaos is over 12,000 barrels lined with lead filled with this gas. This may be one reason those without authorization are not permitted in the lower levels of the Temple. It is also unknown what other known and unknown weapons are stored in the catacombs that snake throughout the city of Syder.

With each discovery it is clear that there will always be a need for those of the Fellowship. As long as one group continues on creating chemical and biological weapons, the other must focus on saving man kind.


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