Locations: North & East               Names: Gryphon, bird-lions              Type: Omnivore

Known Information About Gryphons:

When it comes to the creatures of Gaitan the gryphon is one species that stands out. Domesticated during the Era of Man (2000 years from present day), the bird-lion has been a powerful resource to those of the North. With the largest wingspan recorded to be close to twenty feet – these creatures can grow very large if permitted.

There are five pure breeds of gryphon:

  • Lion Gryphon – most common
  • Tiger Gryphon – most popular due to colouring
  • Snow Gryphon – rare as they like colder climates
  • Panther Gryphon – desired for their stealth

*NOTE: There are also mixed breeds of those mentioned above but those combinations are too immense to list.

Gryphons are commonly used in battle to get a better vantage of the field, or to perform aerial attacks on enemy forces. Those who use gryphons are skilled fighters and fliers – considered the best of the Dermite. These Gryphon Guardians train for eight years under difficult conditions before granted their rank and title in one of the most prestigious groups in Derm. They are looked at as heroes and if sent to the front lines, it is usually a sign that the King means business.

With their sharp claws and quick reflexes gryphons make great war beasts. Their beaks have a crushing force of 5,000 psi (pounds per square inch). They are hardy with their thick skin under their double coat that is made up of both fur and fine feathers. They can live for thirty years in good conditions, but many only live to fifteen. They’re as agile as a cat and as graceful as a falcon.

The best part about the gryphon is not how powerful they are but the bond they share with their handler.

It’s said that gryphons can only have one handler, which tightens the bond between rider and beast. As these creatures are empathic – meaning they sense and feel changes in emotion – they can feel the changes in the one they’re bonded to. This makes them perfect beasts to have alongside you in battle, as they will be able to watch your back and in a sense can predict what you will do next depending on your emotional state.

As the Dermite say, “Loyalty is the death of most men and beast.”

Gryphons have been known to be found beside their fallen riders in the field. Some may have died by wounds but it isn’t strange to hear that the gryphon died of sadness. The beasts live for those they bond to and if their handler dies or is killed the gryphon may see it as they failed. Gryphons essentially can die from a broken heart if they lose their handler unexpectedly.

Gryphons are passionate, brave, strong, and loyal creatures; they have a right to be revered.



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