Locations: North, West, South      Names: Firant, ankle cat, fire cat, cave cat      Type: Carnivore

Known Information About Firants:

This cat like creature comes in many different forms. Occasionally called ‘ankle cats’ for their size in the West and North, firants can grow to be five feet tall in the hotter climates such as what is found in the South.

These cats are fierce predators with long bushy tails and short stubby ears. There coat is soft like cotton and colouring diverse from oranges, blacks, whites, and grays. They are hunted for their fur due to the thickness of their coat, which provides protection for the cold in the North. In the South these creatures are hunted due to them causing issues for farmers, and have been known to be quite a deliciously in the Southern Capital of Sydrin.

At one time the firants were domesticated by the south and used as war beasts against those of the north around 2000 years to the present day. Now with the South’s obsession with the dragon much have forgotten the traditions laid out by the great firant warriors. The small breeds of the West are still captured and trained to be pets to women with noble status.

Firants like the dark and make their homes in rock formations. They have amazing eyesight and are nocturnal, which makes them dangerous for travellers staying the night in the forests.

Small firant breeds commonly eat small animals like rabbit, birds, and other rodents while the large breeds go for bigger game. They are cautious hunters, usually settling for easier prey as they hunt alone or with their young. Female firants are usually independent only seeking companionship during their mating season, which begins the first month of spring.

Firants have been known to be territorial, taking on trolls and other larger creatures that happen across their nests.

It is best to avoid this creatures if you can.



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