Gaitan’s Creation Story

At the beginning of this world there was nothing. No light, no life, no people. It was an empty world built from hundreds and thousands of stars. Our world floated alone in the universe until the Fate came.

It was written that Fate fell from the heavens in a great ball of light. It was upon Fate’s awakening on this empty world that she gave birth to three children. These are who we worship today as the Grand Three – translated later to be called the Gods.

Kidoss – the first of the Grand Three – was born from the darkness. His fire burnt the lands and cooked the world to solidify its form. It was through the brightness of his fire’s light that a second child was born.

Sirphan – the only daughter of Fate – who brought with her rain that cooled the world and created the lakes, rivers, and oceans we see today. Kidoss didn’t mind his sister’s gifts, as he found himself a place to live on the southern end while she was given the east.

Both lived in complete balance until the third sibling was born.

After the rain chased away the fire and the water fed the earth, Darkel was born from the ashes as a great oak. His seeds spread across the world making the dismal soil rich and green.

Kidoss – who had been able to charm his sister with his flames – quickly realized her attention change to their new sibling. Darkel gave Sirphan flowers and trees, which lived in perfect harmony with her rivers and oceans. Kidoss couldn’t compete with his youngest brother. The only thing the eldest brother could offer was darkness and fire, which destroyed anything they touched.

So, Kidoss went away; hiding himself in the mountains to the south where nothing thrived, while his other siblings began to explore their gifts in the utopia they had created.

It was upon this curiosity the first of the animals were born. Darkel created the noble gryphons of the mountains, and the horses of the valleys. He made lions and bears, wolves and owls. As he created the beasts of the land, it was his sister who created the beasts of the water. She made the large whales and rays, followed by fish of every color and shape.

Upon their completion of their new creations, Sirphan decided that there was one more creature that needed to be made. Like Fate had given her life, she wished to give life to children of her own.

With this idea in mind, Sirphan knew what children she wished to create. They would be children of the earth and sea, treating those they met with respect and kindness. They would be explorers and inventors, with a mind for farming and art. She took water from the river and rich earth from the ground, and with care she molded the mud into a seed which she then planted under the tree that had brought Darkel to life.

After nine seasons, the first of her people were born. Small in size, they resembled children as their innocent eyes explored the world their mother had made for them. They lived in harmony with the animals, harnessing the skills to farm and fish. They stayed within the valleys and forests, while some explored the shores and mountains, but they never forgot their mother. These folk would later become known as the Chijin.

Sirphan watched her children grow and learn. They celebrated their creation with festivals where they played music and danced.

It was seeing the success of his sister’s children that Darkel wished to create children of his own. He wanted his children to be strong and powerful. He wanted them to tame the beasts he created. With that, Darkel took a stone from the mountain and breathed life into it before burying it under the roots of the tree he was born from.

Nine months passed, and his children appeared. They were large like the bear and strong like the ox. These people would later be called the Dermite of the North. They tamed the beasts of the land and hunted those that didn’t listen. They built their home in the stone of the northwestern mountain and worked with the small ones of the valley. It was from this point the world was starting to change.

The Era of Man had begun.

While small nomadic tribes scattered across the valleys where the children of Sirphan resided, and the large fortresses of Darkel’s children grew; Kidoss was watching from his hole in the south.

He too had grown tired and lonely living in the depths of the world. It was how the dragons and snakes were created. Trolls and hell hounds were raised, along with the other beasts known to strike fear into man.

Kidoss had watched the children of his siblings grow and thrive, but the children he created withered and died. They couldn’t stand living in fire and couldn’t survive living in darkness. All his creations failed, all he was able to do was kill.

Jealous of his siblings, Kidoss entered the world he had thrown away and began to create a plan to ruin his siblings’ successes.

Unleashing his creations into the world, chaos quickly followed. Sirphan’s children couldn’t live in harmony with the beasts that desired flesh and blood. Darkel’s children couldn’t tame the dragons that moved into the mountain caves like locusts on a field. Kidoss’s creatures wouldn’t listen to anyone, except their creator.

It was out of desperation that Sirphan went to her eldest brother. They had been close before, maybe she could find out why he had been so cruel as to torment her children. It was upon her meeting with him that she saw what he had become.

His fiery heart had blackened, and his kindness had faded. The Brother of Fire was no more but the Brother of Chaos. She offered to help him, to give him whatever he wanted if he could only stop his beasts from killing her creations. He ordered her to give him his own, where they would not die in fire and would not go mad in the darkness. Sirphan didn’t want to give such control to a mad man, but it was the only way to save her own.

She took the blackened rock of her brother’s land, and the sand from the desert. These two would not hold alone; something so dark and cold couldn’t survive in any world. So without her brother’s permission, Sirphan added in something of her own before burying the horrid piece into the ground before the old oak.

Nine months passed and from the soil came the new creation. They were not tall and were not short. They did not have different color hair or eyes like that of the Northerners. They had dark hair like Sirphan’s children, and dark eyes like their father.

No one knew what to expect from these children. These new children weren’t monsters like the other beasts their father had created. They were strong like the children of the mountain, and smart like the children of the valley.

Kidoss was not happy with his children. They weren’t what he had asked for. They worked in harmony with the other two groups, as if they were siblings.

Turning to his sister, he asked what she had done and she told him that his children were made from all three.

That without the three this world would not be.





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