The Heinous Hanging Boatmen


Hanging Boatmen is a group of Dermite bandits and thieves that raid the waterways between Derlin (Derm’s Capital) and King’s Port. They are believed to be responsible for the majority of the crime within the capital city and have claimed several heinous actions such as setting fire to the logging camps near Bay’s Lake, the hanging/plundering/burning of several shipping vessels within the shipping channel, raiding the armoury in the lower district of the capital city, and the kidnapping/murder of Lieutenant Rowel Brickton of the Gryphon Guard’s wife and daughters.

This group of terrorists was given the name Hanging Boatmen since their signature on many of the shipping vessels as of late is hanging the crew from the masts. The group has two leaders although their names and whereabouts are still unknown at this point to the guards responsible in finding them. Those within the Hanging Boatmen can be recognized by the symbol of a noose sown into the sleeve of their clothes. Anyone with that symbol within the capital is automatically arrested and interrogated.

It is known that cities and villages outside of Derlin pay off the Hanging Boatmen who threatens to burn down the places they threaten. As no one knows how many are part of this heinous group or clear on what their motivations are those threatened prefer to play safe by handing over the requested amount of quint.

As of late the Hanging Boatmen’s actions have been quiet. They still utter threats but their silence is cause for concern as to what they might be planning.

Rumours in the capital say that there is a vigilantly walking the streets at night seeking justice of those harmed by the Hanging Boatmen. Although the guards will not speak of them, local folks are open to sharing the tales of the Burning Avenger – a figure engulfed in flames that hunts and kills whatever Hanging Boatmen they come across.

The King is concerned that as much as this Burning Avenger is helping his men to fix the unrest, this Avenger will turn into a bigger threat then their the Hanging Boatmen.


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The Western Valley: The Mountain City of Morza


Morza is the city best known as the Masters of Dragons and mountain people of the West.morza

While most would stay away from the dangers of the Western Mountains the people of Morza learnt to live in harmony with what many would fear. After being exiled from Sydrin over 400 years ago, the Morzi people made their way West and settled in the mountains where they set up small yurt like buildings. They grew to depend on everyone pulling their weight and did not see gender as weakness. A man could do a woman’s job just as well as a woman could do a man’s.

The Morzi mostly kept to themselves, trading with lone merchants travelling between the North and South. Although their relationship was rocky with the South they kept friendly with the large nation that had let them live.

They were one of the only groups asides from the scattered few across Gaitan that follow the Grand Three belief where all three Gods work in unity to make the world spin. Most consider this a deluded belief as many believe that the Gods are in constant conflict just like the land of Gaitan.

The Morzi did not have a king. Instead they were led by a leader they called the Mor. The Mor, in a sense is like a Warden, making the final decision in tough situations. Most issues were decided by the people with the Mor having the last say in the matter if need be. Second to the Mor was the Shazamest – or Master Healer. The Shazamest was the keeper of history and tradition as well as the most skilled healer of their people. The Shazamest worked as council for the Mor and at times could over power the Mor if in the best interest of the people.

Morza was the smallest territory with the smallest population. They rarely imported goods unless for special events like their New Years celebration which took place during the early fall. Their main exports were dragons and dragon items (leather, teeth, bone), which they raised and trained from the caves close to their city.

Not much is known about the Morzi people as they considered themselves private and few outsiders were ever granted permission to learn the complex histories of these people. What knowledge we have on record is through oral communications with Ambassador Suzara, and texts discovered upon further investigation after the massacres. We at the university of La’reen hope to find further insight regarding these unique people and will continue to update this entry upon discovery of new knowledge.

Records by Sage Beltervil Vedmolc (Middle Summer, fourth week, Age of Cain) 


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