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177-048-345_qmm6_53Deanna is known for two things – her passion for writing and her friendly smile. Although she can be quirky walking around wearing her cat hat she bought at a Fan Expo back in 2010, or singing Andrew Sister songs while walking down the street – most of the time you’ll experience her optimism and mature worldview.

Since the age of 13 she’s dreamed of becoming an author and sharing her passion with the world. That’s one of the many reasons she became a teacher, graduating from Lakehead University with not only a BA in English but a Bachelors in Education. Deanna also has a teachable in Social Sciences, which is one reason why most of her works have an undertone approaching social issues facing current society. When she’s not working on her books she is working on her blogs focused towards sharing her unedited works about the English language and her opinions on life as a writer in the modern world. When she isn’t writing you can usually find her exploring or volunteering around the London area, hiking, shooting nature photography, or crocheting baby toys.

In December 2015, Deanna published her first book of the Prophecy Six Series: a young adult fantasy that follows a young girl on her journey to discover how she fits into a 200-year-old prophecy with a group of five others in a world filled with war. Child of the Light is the first of six books planned for the Prophecy Six Series and book two – Children of Sirphan – is now available for purchase in eBook format.


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